Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TOP 10 Housing Companies In Nepal

1.Civil Homes
2.CE Construction/CD Developers
3.Clean Developers
4.Bajra Shangrila
5.Westar properties
6.Imperial Court
7.Road Show Housing
8.KL Duggar
9.Comfort Housing
10.Downtown Housing

Housing Facing bad Days:

1.Oriental Housing
2.Guna Developers

Things housing Companies should worry about:
IRONY in Height!!
NLHDA(Nepal land and Housing Association ) Their website is not working properly and its already 6 months we tried to notify them but no change so how you expect them to change current Real Estate Scenario.

Real estate association:

REYAN and Professional REYAN both having a minority of real estate agents with them and fighting to build the authencity of the professional establishment ...Big dreams but no work yet..I think may be they should merge and form a bigger platform.

Top Real Estate Agents:

1.The Realtor
2.Nepal property Market
3.H& S

Online resource for housing:

Current Real Estate Scenario:

Housing Industry has noticed a brief appraisal in the sector with buying selling have increased but mainly of independent housing and Vertical Living is facing many challenges such as project handover ,booking crunch and property laws.As per me i don't think for coming 10yrs any high-rise to be made in Kathmandu and those under-construction if completed in time can gain in price and demand too.

Hope this information will be handy for you all....!!!! happy reading.


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