Thursday, March 21, 2013

Now dreams of living in apartments are getting shattered !!! Initially it was about completion and now lalpurja and top it all the maintenance cost of living in apartment seems so high that you can rent a furnished apartment at the same cost......

THis week headlines is all about The Park View Horizon situated in Dhapasi. Finally its completed after 5 long years of construction -Yeah it has all modern amenities but do Nepalese people require them.I believe we need to start classes regarding vertical living and how to adapt yourself in it.This week 36 new cases has been filed against it by its loyal clients whoes patience finally gave way after 5 long years of endurance and when i tried to figure out the reason it all boiled down to the maintenance. Jaipuria in his Indian style increases 100sq.ft in every apartment to make up his loss and since so many apartments are yet to sell and so little client seems really interested to move in that he has made maintenance cost nearly 20grans per apartment.

Mostly apartment buyers are running after foreigner ghost considering that they will pay in dollars for their apartments and they will mint money but who will educate this brats sorry rich brats thats those are all myths and fact remains even foreigners are well acquainted will Nepal rentals..

So to sum up what was the fault of Park View Horizon?
1- The Employers wear all suckers who sucked the opportunity to make money
2- No-body thought of taking Nepalese people opinion and their lifestyle about their requirements
3- Gave maintain ace to Group 4 --No doubt they are the best out here but negotiation is a key for at the end its the client who is going to bear the cost.
4- Paid Meter dedicated line from NEA WHICH WAS NOT ACTUALLY it will be soon that the whole line will be cut.
5- Boiler for water heating----In not a single apartment this has worked and who will pay the electrical bill
6-Construction length too long.
7- Its not India .....Nepalese people can talk and stay in apartment for few days or month but not at their own cost.

So finally who will be at loss?
I think those who filed case for Mr. Jaipuria is already in loss and what more will he suffer and all his anger now will vent on this poor clients who wear mislead to file case and will make some lawyer rich just to quench their ego...

Best of luck

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