Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hi greetings to all and thanks for logging in to my blog page… I can start writing since 70% of my website work is completed and rest I expect to complete shortly.
Everyday when I travel in market I hear people talking about real estate recession and slow property business but if you ask anyone what this recession is all about they are blank staring at you. It’s been 4 yrs I am working in Nepal Market and what I find here is every ram ,dick ,harry knows everything or at least pretend to know everything ,considering themselves Mr.Know-all and these attitude has developed in due course of time as market is so small you can easily count people on finger tips who is doing what and top it all the free time people have –what best can be done to it.
As I ventured in Nepal Propertymarket I saw people have a lovely policy of copying what other is doing, if Mr.X has invested in land and earned good returns then you can find a hoard of followers of Mr X who wants to invest in property and fact remains the deal can take place anytime and anywhere as its mostly impulsive and what next…line of people crying about their lost investment. Trying to locate the end buyers of property in Nepal I hardly could trace some and in capital city Kathmandu you can say property business was like a flying-disk game played by handful of people.So where is the end buyers ? Yes right end buyers.I sympathies with the term itself.I am a professional realtor but I could not locate a property for end buyers in fact given me the opportunity to invest in current property option available in market ,I don’t see any. Either the price is too high or the location is too far.So who is investing in the upcoming properties? Yes I surveyed on it and found a handful of people has invested in everything that’s a talk of town ,secondly rich guys from outside Kathmandu, thirdly people who already owns property in Kathmandu but hardly you see young investors.
It’s getting late and no electricity regular problem in Nepal need to sign off will catch you tomorrow and will try to explain exactly what went wrong in Nepal property Market…..

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